Amber W.

Nearly 4 years ago, Amber W. was struggling with her weight. At the same time she was struggling to fit into a society that puts blame and shame on the obese. But an involvement with a 12 step program put her on a path to truth of self, recovery and eventually life changing weight loss. “Prior to being introduced to 12 steps, my life was about food and the acquisition of it,” said Amber. Only 48 months ago Amber weighed nearly 320 lbs with a dress size of 26. Tired of fad diets and breaking self promises, she turned to the help of the well-known 12 steps for addiction and as she put it ‘got real’ about her food addiction. She found a long term solution for her food issues in understanding the science of addiction to food and by committing herself to the 12 steps of addiction recovery.

Both Amber and her colleague Dr. Vera Tarman agree that weight loss is only one result of the recovery process for the food addict. Amber went from sneaking food and staying away from public interactions to becoming an advocate for food addiction in the public eye, truly a real life success story.

“The process of surrendering to addiction is difficult for most people,” said Dr. Vera, Canada’s foremost food addiction expert. “For those people like Amber who embrace the science behind food addiction and the need to change the way they think and act, the results of recovery can be remarkable.”

Today Amber has lost over 150 lbs and more importantly is totally committed to the recovery process, including abstinence from sugars and starch. “It’s one day at a time for me, like it is for most people recovering from addiction”, noted Amber. Amber has taken control of her life and her story is one of breaking through the denial of her addiction and developing a passion for living life to the fullest.