Second Annual Food Addiction Conference

We are pleased to invite you to attend the “Be Mentally Well” Symposium jointly sponsored by the UMass Department of Psychiatry and the Food Addiction Institute: “Trouble with Food? Sorting it Out with a Focus on Recovery”. This 1-day symposium is for anyone struggling with food issues, their family members and the professionals that work with them directly. You are also invited to attend the 2nd Annual Food Addiction Conference: “Diagnosing and Treating Food Addiction: A Toolkit for Physicians, Dietitians, Therapists and Other Health Care Professionals.” See below for more information on both events. We hope you will be able … Continue reading

The Missing Piece in Response to the Obesity Epidemic: Diagnosing and Treating Food Addiction

1st Annual Food Addiction Conference Downloadable / Viewable Reference Documents Sponsored by the UMass Department of Psychiatry and the Food Addiction Institute Food Addiction Treatment – Background Chart – Normal Eater, Emotional Eater, Food Addict Food Addiction Progression and Recommended Actions Compulsive and or Binge Eating Brochure (UMASS) Resource Sheet – Emotional Eating, Compulsive / Binge Eating and Food Addiction Keynote – Food Addiction Treatment: A Missing Piece in the Response to the Obesity Epidemic Food Addiction and Bariatric Surgery Resources – 12 Step Organizations Food Addiction Institute Talking Points ASAM: Definition of Addiction ASAM Releases NEW Definition of Food … Continue reading