Zipporah Livneh

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Zipporah Livneh, RN, BsC, MBA, is a registered nurse, has an executive international MBA from Haifa University, is a certified 12 step counselor, and a certified sugar addiction counselor. Zipporah worked in management and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years focusing on areas such as diabetes, oncology, hematology, neurology and palliative care. More importantly, Zipporah is a recovered sugar addict maintain a 15kg weight loss for twenty years. After several years of research and training, Zipporah now commits her time to helping fellow sugar addicts attain and maintain freedom from addictive eating and to education and raising awareness in the public and medical communities in Israel and around the world about the addictive nature of sugary starchy processed foods. She offers group workshops, and individual and couples counseling for sugar addiction in Hebrew and in English, both locally and online and she lecture in universities, for medical professionals and to the public on the addictive eating. Zipporah co-chaired the international FAI working committee with Sherri Goodman and helped form the extremely successful Food Addiction Institute bi-monthly professional webinars.