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Molly Painschab

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Molly Painschab, LCPC/LAC/FAC, is a mental health professional, addiction strategist, behavior specialist, and certified international food addiction counselor with experience coaching individuals and their family members through recovery management and relapse prevention. Her background in addiction treatment while working with individuals being supervised by the Department of Corrections, Child Protective Services, and other Court-Ordered situations inform her solution-focused and forward-thinking style. Molly is fuelled by her belief that recovery is possible. She considers herself a ‘helper’, eager to encourage and support individuals and families on their journey to mental and emotional wellness. Her desire to see others succeed in life and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent online Food Recovery Management Group, where she shepherds participants through addiction specific education, the processing of new information, and skill-building in support of, and outside, of the traditional 12 Step approach. Molly believes the only way to ensure everyone who needs help with food addiction to get the treatment they need, is to unify professionals in the field and push the APA and WHO to place diagnostic criteria in the DSM.