Cynthia Myers-Morrison

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Cynthia J. Myers-Morrison, Ed.D. served as an educator for one of her careers: including the English Specialist position for all of Los Angeles Unified School District 7-12 schools as well as teaching and administrative positions for 17 and 10 years respectively. Her dedication to life long learning and attaining and maintaining freedom from addictions (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, sex, grains, sugar, codependency, cluttering, and workaholism) led her to Food Addiction Institute.  As Co-chair with David Avram Wolfe for the webinars and in her work as Vice Chair of FAI, she strives to support individuals, families, legislators, and educators in changing responses to food addiction. Recovery is achievable and maintainable!  Additional training in INFACT, IIN, Boston Trauma Center, and other credentialing supports her in assisting those struggling with their relationships with food and others. Her interest in genealogy, genes, and Daughters of the American Revolution add depth and history to her current work in Food Addiction.