Clarissa Kennedy

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Clarissa Kennedy is an Internationally Accredited Food Addiction Counsellor. She is a Social Worker, has an additional certification in Mental Health & Addictions, and is certified to preform the diagnostic assessment tool SUGAR®. Clarissa founded Reinvent Your Bliss Point (https://foodaddictionhelp.ca) in 2018 where she works with individuals based on a holistic approach to healing and maintaining recovery. She is also the Program Coordinator for a local Community Meal Program and Food Bank where her focus is providing fresh, real food to those who are financially insecure. She is passionate about her work in the field of Addictions and Mental Health and hopes to create real change in the field of Food Addiction. Clarissa struggled with Food Addiction her whole life and now has a freedom with real food that she never believed was possible. She works with others to help them find this freedom too. “Food is not your enemy, diets are. When you begin to see food as medicine and learn practical strategies around eating, including the types of food to eat, it no longer controls your life it simply complements it.”