Amanda Leith

Amanda Leith is a certified Addiction Counselor and certified Food Addiction Professional who specializes in working with individuals struggling with compulsive eating and food addiction. Amanda supports her clients to end the obsession with food and body allowing them to start living purposeful lives full of joy and freedom. Amanda is a recovering food addict with a weight release of over 140 pounds. She struggled with food addiction long before she knew there was a name and treatment for what was plaguing her. Her life was riddled with guilt and shame around eating, body weight and the complete loss of control around food. Since being treated for food addiction she has gained a freedom to live a life beyond her wildest dreams and is dedicated to supporting others to do the same. Amanda is passionate about helping others out of the depths of food dependency and addiction. Her life-long mission is to educate, treat and ultimately free people from food dependency. Amanda is “Wholeheartedly dedicated to each individual’s true success”. Amanda offers individual coaching/counselling, group programs and seminars.