International Training In Mapping Sugar/Food Addiction

September 23-25, 2015
Reykjavik, Iceland

Come to Iceland for a magical exploration of SUGAR (Sugar Use General Assessment Recording)
The training is aimed for professionals that work with the problem of eating and overweight in any capacity!

The SUGAR training is for you if you want to be able to assess and map sugar and/or foodaddiction with your clients. You will also be trained to set up appropriate treatment plans and get a clear insight on your clients situation concerning other possible addictions. Once we assess the problem, recovery can begin!

  • Sept: 22nd: Time: 08pm: Open introductory lecture on SUGAR. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Sept: 23rd: Time: 8am-5pm: An introductory day for anyone interested in the training: price: $110.
  • Sept: 23-25th. The beginning of the four month SUGAR training and certification in Reykjavik, Iceland

The training duration is 4 months and includes: Three day seminar with instruction and training, four
monthly three hour webinars, two interviews with the trainer, lectures and a facebookgroup.
Passing an examination at the end of the training will certify you in SUGAR.

Bitten JonssonTeacher Bitten Jonsson is a Registered Nurse, an Addictionspecialist and is ADDIS certified since 1990. She developed SUGAR in 2002. She has worked with food addiction since 1993. She has extensive training with Terence T Gorski since 1993 in relapse prevention and tretament of food addicts. She has lectured and educated professionals and patients for 23
yrs. She developed and has used an Holistic Tretament Model, 12 Step and Orthomolecular medicine since 2000. She has written 2 books, a third about Food Craving management, biochemistry and addiction is on its way. She is involved in three research projects for food addiction with two different universities in Sweden.

Price: $1940. Payment is due before August 20th 2015.
You will be sent an invoice when your registration is received.
Please send your registration to: bitten.jonsson@
For additional information contact Esther Helga. This is the first International SUGAR training
event in Iceland in cooperation with Esther Helga. email: or

SUGAR is a unique diagnostic tool, developed by Bitten Jonsson and Dahl & Dahl. The tool is built upon the principles of ADDIS, Alcohol & Drug Diagnostic Instrument which is a structured diagnostic instrument for alcohol, pills and drugs, based on the international classification for abuse / harmful use and addiction by the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems and DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). For more information go to:

We are facing a pandemic in terms of metabolic syndrome, loss of control over especially food with
sugar / flour, so called hedonic foods. Overweight / obesity is now a world-leading cause of death. The methods we have used to date in terms of assessment / diagnosis and treatment have not yielded
substantial results and we need a new approach and new tools to help those who are affected.
In order to provide adequate treatment for sugar/flour/foodaddiction and overeating, it is extremely
important to educate professionals in SUGAR to distinguish between social use, harmful use and
pathological use/addiction to certain foods according to international criteria. Research has proven that sugar is a psychoactive drug causing severe addiction in humans.

See attached PDF for more information. The first course was held in November last year and 6 students are now certified in Sweden and 5 more are in training there in this certification program. References are available if you want to hear what they think of using SUGAR in their work with foodaddicts.

Quotes from three of those who have been certified. Do not hesitate to contact them for Q.

”SUGAR is the best solution to diagnose foodaddiction and get the right therapy”

Anniqa Bjersing addiction counselor and Reg. Nurse, Umeå Sweden Cell + 46 70 555 86 23

”Harmful use and addiction are two different conditions and are to be treated differently. It is impoortant to know what we are dealing with so weknow what kind of treatment we are to give”.

Tone Glestad, Addiction counselor, ADDIS certified, Haslum Norway cell +47 901 31 015

”SUGAR is the most powerful tool that made me totally convinced about and aware of my addiction. Without it I easily go into denial or wonder if I really am that sick and then I start negotiating about the food etc. It keeps me on track and on the path of recovery. If anyone else has doubts about my addiction I can simply just show them which symptoms in which cathegories I have and there is no more doubt and I am respected for my choices. SUGAR is so empowering”

Kicki Käller, Former Pastor, Addiction counselor, cell +46 76 014 94 51

Download the Flyer: SUGAR Training, Reykjavik, Iceland 9/23-25 Kick Off
Download the Registration Form: REGISTRATION FORM

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