Intensive in Iceland

MFM/ACORN Intensive in Iceland and lots of snow!

Esther Helga and Phil just completed facilitating a five day residential MFM/ACORN Intensive in Iceland. There were ten self-assessed food addicts and five members of the second INFACT Professional Training for food addiction counselors. Bitten delivered a lecture on “Food Addiction Relapse” on Skype from Sweden, and Phil gave a new lecture on” Three Levels of Food Addiction Denial”.

The snow storm outside was so heavy that all roads in Iceland were closed for two days, but all participants were able to get to the retreat site, and all were rigorously food abstinent by the last day. A great time was had by all. On the last day, there was a general discussion of the coming FAI international campaign “Food Addiction is Real: There is a Solution”. Everyone was on board to bring information to their own health professionals and allies of food addiction recovery. There was enthusiasm about the three-year goal of 10% of health practitioners screening regularly for chemical dependency on food or food as a substance use disorder.

The participants in the INTENSIVE were very diverse – from one woman who was completely new to the idea of food addiction and to Twelve Step recovery to a medical doctor and social worker from Canada who was already experimenting with a way to help food addicts professionally.  Some of the self-assessed food addicts cam with a year or more of abstinence and recovery, while others came from very serious relapse.  All said they appreciated and profited from the mixture of goals and experience.

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