For Professionals

Doctors And Nurses At The Reception Area Of A HospitalMany physicians, dieticians, therapists and other allied health professionals will first want to review the science of food addiction, especially if they finished their graduate education before the year 1999. Most of the relevant research in peer-reviewed scientific journals about food as a chemical dependency has been published in the last decade. Thus, this section begins with a short summary of the scientific research, including references to the most important articles, for professionals. There are twelve major conclusions based on 2,733 studies in over one hundred specialized research journals. A full bibliography of these studies and a scientific review paper on the key issue, “Physical Craving and Food Addiction, by members of the FAI International Advisory Board is posted in the Science section of this website. The “Letter to Physicians, Dieticians, and Therapists” ends with a summary of the principles of treatment for food addiction.

You will also find information on Bariatric Surgery, Assess, Treat, and/or Refer, Continuing Education, Professional Organizations and recommended reading.