Below is an interview with Lisa who has nearly 4 years of abstinence and has experienced tremendous success with the program. In this interview, Lisa shares her journey, including her routine for maintaining for her abstinence and how she discovered a new way of living.


Cynthia Myers-Morrison

Watch this incredible story of food addiction recovery with Cynthia Meyers-Morrison as we hear her story of recovery. She is incredibly honest and vulnerable and leaves no stone unturned in her story. Simply a must-watch if you are ready to change your …


Zipporah Livneh

Watch this captivating success story of a woman who has truly won over her “fatal attraction” to sugar. A self-admitted “junk food junkie.” her story of change is an inspiration!



Maintaining 200 lb. Weight Loss for 19 Years My name is Mary F. and I am a food addict. I was morbidly obese for the first 37 years of my life. I weighed 160 pounds when I was in third grade and …


Michael Prager

From Fat to Thin: One Man’s Story Fat Boy, Thin Man tells the story of Michael Prager, a journalist whose fat childhood became an obese adolescent that lasted into his 30s. He was a champion dieter, losing more than 130 pounds three …



When I am asked to tell my story, I always start by saying that I was born September 10, 1950 and on September 11, 1950 I was a compulsive overeater. I truly believe …



A Vegetarian Solution to Food Addiction Miki was overweight and had a history of dieting, losing some weight and then soon gaining it back. One day she accompanied her husband to see Dr. Neil Barnard. Her husband had cancer, and Dr. Bernard’s …


Amber W.

Morbidly Obese: Breaking the Addiction to Food Nearly 4 years ago, Amber W. was struggling with her weight. At the same time she was struggling to fit into a society that puts blame and shame on the obese. But an involvement with …



Bariatric Surgery Fails, Food Addiction Treatment Succeeds When Deborah finally accepted that diets did not work for her and that therapy did not curb her overeating, she elected to have bariatric surgery. Deborah lost weight at first, but then she found herself …