Self Assessment


If you are looking for a paper and pencil test, try the self-assessment questions below:

  • While on a diet, do I “lose it” after a few days?
  • When I lose weight, do I gain back even more?
  • Do I obsessively calculate the calories I’ve burned against the calories I’ve eaten?
  • Am I thinking about food or my weight all the time?
  • Do I have physical problems resulting from the way I eat, or don’t eat?
  • Do I eat large amounts of food in a short period of time?
  • Do certain foods trigger binges?
  • Do I weigh myself once or twice (or more) a day?
  • Do I eat differently in front of people than I do when I’m alone?
  • Do I have emotional problems resulting from the way I eat or don’t eat?
  • Do I find it difficult to stop eating without a struggle after one or two sweets?
  • Have I done serious work in psychotherapy only to find my “food problem” was unaffected?

Answering one or more of these questions with a “yes” could indicate a food addiction.

For a more rigorous assessment of obesity, eating disorders and chemical dependency on food, here are three assessments for “Normal”, “Emotional” and “Food Addicted” eaters.

  1. Assessment You May Be A Normal Eater If…
  2. Assessment Eating Disorder Inventory
  3. Assessment By Stages of Progression