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If you are a food addict, you have most likely tried everything to recover. It can take time to identify the specific foods to which you have an allergy. Please realize there is a solution!  Also, know that you are not alone.  There are many food addicts in the world – at your workplace, in your community, at your church, and at your school. Many people struggle with this disease. Addiction to food is real, but recovery is possible! There is so much support for food addicts today.

No matter how long you have tried to manage your food addiction, whether you are just starting out on your journey or if you have been dealing with this for decades, the important thing is to keep going back to what works. Only you know what that is. Each person is different and for many, it takes a trial-and-error approach. And sometimes it’s a process just to get to the place where enough is enough! Our website offers many resources to help on your recovery journey. The important thing is to start. And if you have already started this journey, it’s important that you continue to build your life around arresting your food addiction. Below are more resources for you to explore. FAI has compiled information that will support you on this journey.

The following resources found throughout our website are a great place to start. Learn more about what food addiction is, the different stages of food addiction, and try one of 3 assessments. Understand the difference between a normal eater, emotional eater, and a food addict and see what supports are best for each one.

There are a number of peer-based and professional support options to help food addicts. Peer-based support groups and professional treatment options are found in your local communities, online, or on the phone. If you are in a place in your personal life where you think inpatient treatment is what you need, please explore your options using “Resources” from the pull-down menu.

Professional Support

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Explore the FAI website and read everything that you can to learn more about this condition. There are books, research, and movies that you can access in Recommended Reading and you can listen to experts in the field share their expertise by watching our Webinars.