2nd Annual Food Addiction Conference and Be Mentally Well Symposium

2nd Annual Food Addiction Conference Downloadable / Viewable Reference Documents Sponsored by the UMass Department of Psychiatry and the Food Addiction Institute A Tool Kit for Food Addiction Assessment and Treatment; The Basics from A to Z For Physicians, Dietitians, Therapists and other Allied Health Professionals Phil Werdell, MA • Normal Eater, Emotional Eater, Food Addict • Challenging Food Addiction Denial • Pre-Assessment Clues to Food as a Substance Use Disorder Marty Lerner • Neurotransmitters and the Brain Vera Tarman, MD • Medications for Food Addiction – No Silver Bullet Beth Rocchio, MD • Treatment, Intervention and 12-Step Support Programs … Continue reading

International Training In Mapping Sugar/Food Addiction

September 23-25, 2015 Reykjavik, Iceland Come to Iceland for a magical exploration of SUGAR (Sugar Use General Assessment Recording) The training is aimed for professionals that work with the problem of eating and overweight in any capacity! The SUGAR training is for you if you want to be able to assess and map sugar and/or foodaddiction with your clients. You will also be trained to set up appropriate treatment plans and get a clear insight on your clients situation concerning other possible addictions. Once we assess the problem, recovery can begin! Sept: 22nd: Time: 08pm: Open introductory lecture on SUGAR. … Continue reading

Second Annual Food Addiction Conference

We are pleased to invite you to attend the “Be Mentally Well” Symposium jointly sponsored by the UMass Department of Psychiatry and the Food Addiction Institute: “Trouble with Food? Sorting it Out with a Focus on Recovery”. This 1-day symposium is for anyone struggling with food issues, their family members and the professionals that work with them directly. You are also invited to attend the 2nd Annual Food Addiction Conference: “Diagnosing and Treating Food Addiction: A Toolkit for Physicians, Dietitians, Therapists and Other Health Care Professionals.” See below for more information on both events. We hope you will be able … Continue reading

Bulimia & Food Addiction

Food addiction begins with physical craving, evolves into mental obsession, and, ultimately, becomes a whole life of spiritual illness. It is also a physical disease of chemical dependency upon one or more foods or on volumes of food in general. Bulimia is a psychological illness, a mental-emotional problem usually rooted in unresolved trauma from before the earliest incident of purging. … Continue reading

Anorexia & Food Addiction

The common image of food addicts is that they are overweight. A majority of those for whom the disease of food addiction has progressed certainly are obese – and/or morbidly (i.e., life threateningly) obese. Yet there are many food addicts who are a normal weight. Some of these healthy looking food addicts are bulimic. Others just have a metabolic system that keeps them appearing “normal,” even when they are bingeing abnormally. There is also a small but important group of food addicts who are dangerously thin. Most of these are food addicted and anorexic. Even some overly thin folks who … Continue reading

Binge Eating Disorder & Food Addiction

It is frequently difficult to distinguish between “compulsive overeating” and “food addiction,” especially since many recovering people as well as the professionals who support them use the terms interchangeably. At ACORN, we have come to use the terms “compulsive eating” and “addiction to food” to define two distinctly different problems. We use the term “compulsive overeating” to identify what is now called “binge eating disorder” by psychologists. This psychological disorder derives from unresolved trauma and family dysfunction as well as a lack of cognitive feeling and behavioral skills to deal with difficult emotions. … Continue reading