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Imagine being so obsessed with food and unable to stop thinking about it no matter how hard you try that your job, your family and every aspect of your life are in danger of being destroyed.  This is the reality for those who are food addicted. By donating, you will help those with food addictions access the resources they need to change their lives.

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Your support of FAI helps us to produce quality content based on peer-reviewed studies and science for both food addicts and treatment professionals.  By creating awareness about this deadly disease, we can help food addicts to recover and live happy, productive lives.

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Most food addicts feel isolated and ashamed. They don’t know how to help themselves and believe they are deeply flawed.  Your support helps us to keep them connected to professionals and to each other, which is the first step in changing their lives.   Here are some of the things we produce to help increase connection:

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